When two people come together in anagreement creating a bond of commitment, communication, & reliability


Usually associated with the blood-line carried from generation to generation from mom, dad, grandparents & kids


Self doubt. Can't really control your emotion & everything becomes pointless. Most of the time, things don't work out right


Not being able to give up a substance or action even when wanting to deep inside.  May not have a reason to stop


Pressure from your job, business, goals, or not being employed at all. Demand just never seems lighten up


Trying to live a Healthy life style to have a productive  body with time and results just don't seem to show any progress


Not having anyone in your life at all. Feeling alone even when there may be people close to you that don't understand you


Being overwhelmed from your life being your kids life. Losing yourself along the way and direction


Learning how to raise kids or not having your children act the way you would like them to. Loss of control


Overwhelmed with work, family, friends, business, hobbies, and bills. Too much responsibilities in life can building up


The struggle of dedication to someone or things you wish you could Start, Finish, Plan, or being faithful in life


Having a sensitive heart where you feel you care more then others do. Others may not understand you

physical pain

Your body lost or is losing the ability to do things that it may have let you do before. Everyday is just getting harder


Find in what you believe in this life or after. Do you believe in yourself? Losing faith in not seeing your life improve


Your not happy  with yourself. Not feeling good enough to fit in, be accepted, and fearing approaching  more in life

home environment

Your home can be too busy from living there, not giving you a chance for a break